Do you want to organize a language stay in Strasbourg?

If you want to organize a French course we can offer you French courses for school and university groups whose goal is to study French in total immersion and live a rich cultural experience.

This course will be the occasion to:

  •  Integrate our multicultural classes (students aged 17 and over) or create classes dedicated to minor and/or adult groups.
  • Put into practice, reinvest, and reinforce the learning done during the school year.
  • Learn new notions in a reinforced francophone context.
  • Discover the Alsatian culture and the art of living French.
  • Visit the nearby tourist cities such as Colmar or Paris (2 h with the train TGV) or the border countries (Germany 5 min away), Switzerland (1h30), and Luxembourg (2h20).
  •  Receive an end-of-course certificate at the end of the session indicating the duration.


This French course for school and university groups is available year-round at our institute in Strasbourg for a period of time of at least 1 week.

FLE stays for groups can be adapted to all audiences: young people (from 13 years old) and adults.

The French course for school and university groups is available for all levels in closed groups and for levels A2, B1, and B2 in open groups.


Improve your oral communication skills in French according to European criteria, express yourself with confidence in French, and progress in learning in a playful way.

You can add:

Cultural activities in the afternoons and excursions full days on weekends (number of activities to define).

Discover Strasbourg, its region, and its rich cultural heritage. Practice French in different communication situations and through cultural or sports practice.

As for our accommodation offers, we communicate the list of our partners for the accommodation.

A validation of university credits (for partner universities):

Our French program for groups is made to satisfy you.

An «à la carte» school stay was created according to the pedagogical objectives of the French teacher.

Contact us and we will develop with you a tailor-made training program according to your availability, your expectations, and your needs.

Also, discover the city of Strasbourg on our learning in Strasbourg page and through the Welcome to Strasbourg brochure prepared by Campus France.