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The cultural life is rich and easily accessible in Strasbourg. You can find the National Theatre, the opera house, cinemas, the Modern Arts Museum and many halls for concerts, plays, and conferences.

Strasbourg cultural life is marked by huge festivals (International Music Festival, Artifacts’ Festival, Ososhpere electronic nights, Music and Golden Jazz, etc.) a large number of halls for plays and concerts for all types of music (La Laiterie, Le Rhénus, Le Zenith Strasbourg – Europe, le TNS, Opera, Les Taps, etc.) and of course, there are many other opportunities for spending and enjoying a great time for free. is the site of the city of Strasbourg for practical information, cultural programming, local news, etc.

The National Theatre of Strasbourg:

The site of the National Theatre of Strasbourg, as well as the school of dramatic art – Information, programming, ticket office, and media.

The National Opera House:

The site of the National Opera House – Programming, conferences and tickets.

Strasbourg visits:

You have a site with an anecdotal-historical view on Strasbourg : streets, bridges, cultural and historical places.

Discover and enjoy every aspect of Strasbourg, Alsace, and Europe through the events organized by our services and clubs at Stralang “cultural activities”.

Stralang Institute cultural program for 2020/2021

  • Cinema
  • Plays
  • Concerts
  • International evenings
  • Photo exhibitions
  • International food (discovering food from all over the world prepared by interns and shared with friends)
  • Walkthrough Strasbourg
  • Excursions and guided tours (discovery of regional monuments and sites, visits to artisans)
  • Thematic cultural weeks
  • Visiting Alsace Museums, Modern and Contemporary art Museum, etc.
  • Visiting European Institutions
  • Visiting gardens and parks
  • Riverboat excursions
  • Conversation circles
  • Summer activities
  • Fair, flea markets, street markets, art markets, etc.
  • Eagles Aviary
  • Festivals
  • Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle
  • Christmas market
  • Bike tours.

Welcome information of Strasbourg (New).

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