Student life in Strasbourg
23 October 2017

Strasbourg was elected by the magazine: “L’Étudiant” as the best city for student life. Not only does it offer many cultural activities to students, but it is also involved in a vast program: “Strasbourg loves its students”, to help newcomers discover the city and make the most of it.

Cultural life

Strasbourg offers many museums, cinemas and theaters fully accessible to students. The city provides them with passes and check books so that they can access many cultural activities at a reduced rate. This is the case, for example, of the Culture Card of the University of Strasbourg. This gives access to 46 theaters and festivals for the modest sum of € 6. It also gives access to many cinemas at prices between 3 and 5 €. It is a real policy that has been carried out for years by the city to attract more and more students to its University.

Strasbourg is known by European students for the quality of life it offers.

Strasbourg loves its students

Strasbourg has set up the “Strasbourg loves its students” program. This makes it possible to welcome newcomers, French or foreign, to familiarize them with the city, give them good plans, help them with housing and ensure that they are in the best conditions to follow their studies.

European students vote for Strasbourg

Thanks to his efforts, Strasbourg offers a unique living environment for European students. Cosmopolitan while being on a human scale, the city is widely acclaimed by the students who follow the Erasmus program. The University of Strasbourg counts 20% of foreign students each year. They find quality education as well as Internet access everywhere in the city so they can do their additional research or take remedial courses online to deepen a subject or fill a gap.

What to do in the evening in Strasbourg?

Outside of class, the city offers different activities to students, especially if you are part of the Erasmus program. There are many associations that organize Erasmus evenings. For example, the Café des Langues, where people meet and chat in several languages ​​over a drink. What better way to meet people?

Students who prefer cities on a human scale and who favor quality of life rather than the frenzy of the big capitals will find in Strasbourg the ideal place to follow their course of study.