The new schoolyear (2018-2019) is about to start!
3 September 2018

Summer classes have ended; the time has come to get ready for the 2018/2019 school year, starting on 3 September. Whether you have chosen to stay with Stralang during the summer or you chose to rest and have fun, join us on Monday for the beginning of a new year of learning!

Administrative changes

From this year onwards, the student social security will have a different functioning. Each student will indeed have to pay a 90-euro (as opposed to the previous 217-euro fee) “Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus” fee (CVEC) to the same institution. Grant holders and other students with a special status are however still exempt from paying any social security fee. Payment and registration are made online and give access to the CVEC payment attestation form, which is necessary to enroll in any higher education establishment.

Students of the Stralang Institute will have to fix an appointment with the school administration (the “scolarité”) to present this form and their registration dossier, which they will fill in on the spot. Then, they will have to pay their entire tuition fee and the required sum for their Pass Campus card. Foreign students will also have to enroll on to get their “Carte Vitale”.

For more information, please consult the “Social security” page.

A renewed diversity

This year, Stralang will benefit from a great human and cultural diversity again thanks to students coming from all around the world. More than 20 nationalities will be present, be it from the Middle or the Far East with students coming from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Thailand. The new world will be represented by Colombia, Mexico, Peru and of course the United States and Canada, whereas African countries such as Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Estonia and Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Poland will be present.

Stralang Institute offers you the opportunity to share your culture with numerous students coming from various corners of the world and wishes you a very good school year!