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FLE teaching

Mission: Learn how to teach FLE 

Internships of a minimum of two months, up to 6 months supervised. Minimum volume per hour in person: 20h/week.

Internship with the bonus from 2 months: 3.90 euros net per hour. The gratuity is calculated in proportion to the number of hours worked. Available from September 1rst, 2021, open to students of Bachelor, Master 1 and 2 of FLE, LEA and Education Sciences/Language Sciences. Minimum level required: B2/C1 certified by TCF, DELF, or DALF. 

Training given by a teacher before and during the assumption of the tasks: previous observation of the courses, framed sequences produced in the course with observation and comments of the responsible teacher. Appointments are made with the head teacher, Mrs. Meryem CETIN. 

Tasks: maintain 5 hours of conversation per week, 2 to 3 cultural outings per month, and supervised teaching 15 hours (small groups of cosmopolitan students, all levels of the CECRL except C1 and C2).

Contact the Director Mr. Ayhan TOK at +33 03 88 31 48 38 and/or by e-mail at

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