FLE teaching

—>Mission: Learn how to teach FLE

Internships of a minimum of two months, up to 6 months supervised. Minimum volume per hour in person: 20h/per week.
Internship with a bonus of 2 months: 4.35 euros net per hour. The gratuity is calculated in proportion to the number of hours worked. Available from January 2, 2024, open to students of Master 1, and 2 of FLE, LEA, and Education Sciences/Language Sciences. Minimum level required: B2/C1 certified by TCF, DELF, or DALF.
Training given by a teacher before and during the assumption of the tasks: previous observation of the courses, framed sequences produced in the course with observation, and comments of the responsible teacher. Appointments are made with the head teacher, Mrs. Meryem CETIN.
Tasks: maintain 5 hours of conversation per week, 2 to 3 cultural outings per month, and supervised teaching for 15 hours (small groups of cosmopolitan students, all levels of the CECRL except C1 and C2).
Contact Mrs. Meryem CETIN at 03 88 31 48 38 and/or by e-mail at meryem.cetin@stralang.com