10 good reasons to study in France
25 July 2017

Quality and diversity, co-qualifications, reasonable cost of registration, accommodation, meals and social security, funding possibilities, geographic proximity, culture and lifestyle … What are the good reasons to consider a part of higher education in France?

1- State-funded and guaranteed training

France finances a very significant part of the real cost of studies for each student (€ 11,740 per student per year). No distinction between international and French students: the access requirements, diplomas awarded and attractive registration fees are the same. Higher education diplomas, structured around the European architecture License-Master-Doctorate, are validated by the State, which guarantees their international recognition.

10 bonnes raisons d’étudier en France

2- A higher education of excellence, adapted to all needs

The French higher education system is supported by a network of 3,500 public and private establishments. France offers quality training at all levels, in all disciplines. Over 900 programs provide training in English in France in all fields.

3- High-level research

France ranks 6th in the world in terms of domestic spending on Research and Development. The CNRS is the 1st world research organization (Nature Index, 2015). 12 of the 55 Fields medals (the Nobel equivalent in mathematics) were awarded to French people. 42% of doctoral students registered in France are international students.

4- World-class economic power

France is the 5th economic power in the world, the 2nd European power in terms of GDP and the 2nd market in Europe with 65 million consumers (IMF 2014, Eurostat 2014). France is the 4th largest exporter of services in the world (WTO, 2013) and the 1st European destination for investment in industry (EY, 2014).

10 bonnes raisons d’étudier en France

5- A cutting-edge industry, leading international companies

France has 31 companies among the top 500 in the world (Fortune Global 500, 2014). Several French industrial groups are leaders in their sector and are established around the world: Airbus (aeronautics), Total, Areva (energy), Orange (telecommunications), Sanofi (health), LVMH (luxury), L’Oréal (cosmetics) , Danone (food industry).

6- An environment favorable to innovation and young entrepreneurs

France is the 1st European country represented in the top 100 of the most innovative companies (Thomson Reuters, 2014). It ranks 6th in the world for the filing of international patents (WIPO, 2013). 71 competitiveness clusters constitute an attractive ecosystem bringing together start-ups, laboratories, universities and large companies. French Tech, with € 200 million invested, supports the development of digital businesses and attracts young talents.

7- A pleasant and fulfilling living environment in the heart of Europe

Integrated in the heart of Europe, France is the world’s leading tourist destination in terms of number of foreign visitors (OMT, 2014). For the 3rd consecutive year, Paris is at the top of the ranking of the best student cities (QS Best Student Cities, 2014). France is in 3rd place in the world for the adequacy of health infrastructures to the needs of society (IMD, 2014).

10 bonnes raisons d’étudier en France

8- A “French” art of living: 8,000 museums

More than 40,000 monuments and protected sites, 39 cultural sites listed as World Heritage by Unesco, 8,000 museums, 2,000 cinemas and nearly 500 festivals bear witness to the richness of cultural life in France. French artistic creation shines in all areas. With 15 laureates, France has the largest
number of Nobel Prize in Literature (Patrick Modiano, 2014).

9- French, an international language

Present on 5 continents, the official language of many states and international organizations, French is the 5th most spoken language with 274 million speakers. French is, after English, the most learned language in the world. French is the 3rd language of business and the 2nd language of international information (OIF, 2014).

10- An attractive destination for international students

With more than 295,000 enrolled in higher education (MENESR, 2014), France is the third-largest host country in the world for international students, after the United States and the United Kingdom (Unesco, 2012). 80% of those who have studied in France say they are satisfied with the quality of education and the added value of the French diploma. 9 out of 10 students coming to France draw a positive assessment of their stay and recommend France as a study destination (Campus France Barometer – TNS Sofres, 2013).

Source : Campus France