10 Tips to learn French quickly
19 June 2017

You have surely already heard multiple times that French is a difficult language. French is actually no more difficult than English, German or any other language. With the appropriate tools, it is entirely possible to make your learning of French enjoyable. Here are 10 tips that may be helpful in your learning.

1-Listen to French songs

French songs will familiarise you with French language and phonetics. French will no longer sound strange to you.


2-Watch French films

Like listening to songs, watching movies in the target language is a good practise for oral understanding.


3-Learn with games

It is well known that learning while having fun has always been a good method and helps you retain information.

Apprendre avec des jeux française

4-Visit educational French websites to practice the language, such as TV5 monde, etc.

Learning websites can be a real asset. They can combine with your exercises and put you in specific communication situations. They are mostly another way to have fun while learning.

tv5monde site web apture ecranwww.tv5monde.com

5-Practice every day

Try to speak, make sentences; practice will help you memorise the rules of French.

Practice French language every day

6-Don’t focus on grammar

Grammar is important but vocabulary, understanding and communication are just as important. You need to find the right balance between them.

Learn French Don’t focus on the grammar

7-Use French vocabulary as much as possible

A regular use of your vocabulary will help you memorise the words you already know and learn new ones.

Learn French with Use French vocabulary as much as possible

8-Communicate with French speakers

Communication is important in every language and French is no exception! Exchanging with native French speakers will be a plus that will give you the opportunity not only to practice French but also to learn French culture directly at the source!

Learn French with Communicate with French speakers

9-Take a trip to a French speaking country

Completely immersing yourself in a Francophone environment will help you detach yourself from your native language and optimise your adaptation to a new environment.

Learn French with Take a trip to a French speaking country

10-Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!

This point is more than advice; it is a necessity. Everyone knows the expression learning from one’s. It is ok to make mistakes! There will always will be someone to correct you and explain. Do not be afraid!

Learn French Dare to make mistakes

Obviously, these are tips to facilitate and optimise your learning and do not replace lessons. Taking classes is still the best way to learn.

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