First outing of the year!
28 September 2018

The schoolyear has begun. Time for Stralang students to briefly leave their classrooms for their first outing. [Date], our students will be visiting the Alsatian Museum, on the bank of the Ill, in front of the Historical Museum of Strasbourg.
The Alsatian Museum aims at re-creating and safekeeping Alsace’s human heritage. It is divided into several village houses linked together by wooden bridges and passageways leading to various rooms. Their decoration depends on what aspect of Alsatian life they are meant to evoke. Each of these rooms indeed refers to a particular theme of Alsace as it used to be with ancient furnishing and objects allowing perfect immersion into the past.

As formerly said, each room is a different universe, the objective being to present various facets of ancient Alsace, such as its talent in the domains of cooking, craftsmanship, costumes and religion, which was a prominent matter. As a matter of fact, religion is still treated in a peculiar way in this region. This exploration of the past will allow you to have a glimpse of what it was like to live as a farmer, a winemaker or in the mountains thanks to objects no-one knows how to use anymore.

Enjoy your visit!