Studying in Strasbourg
28 February 2017

Infographic: Studying in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a city, or more precisely a Eurometropolis, whose cultural richness and dynamism attract many students. Do you want to study and live there? So it is important to know the housing prices and the good plans concerning transport, places to revise or culture. An exclusive infographic to help you!

Accommodation in Strasbourg

The three areas most sought after by students in Strasbourg are the Krutenau, the Esplanade and the Gare area. The average budget for an apartment remains rather affordable for a student, since it amounts to 446 € for a studio (for a T2, it will take 615 €). Not surprisingly, the standard student apartment in Strasbourg is a furnished studio from 20 to 29m2.

If you need help finding accommodation or if you are having difficulties, be aware that the CROUS offers more than 5,000 beds in Strasbourg student residences or apartments. You can also turn to intergenerational cohabitation: elderly people make part of their accommodation available to students. You can also inquire to find out if you are entitled to assistance such as ALS, APL or CLÉ.

Getting around Strasbourg

There are several measures put in place by the city of Strasbourg to help young people get around. These include the bus-tram subscription for 19-25 year olds, and the Hibus network if you like going out at night! If you are eco-responsible and you like to cycle, you can also use the Vélhop.

Life in Strasbourg

You are not likely to get bored in a city characterized by its cultural activity. Note that 28 libraries open their doors to you in Strasbourg to get books… but also to revise. If you like coworking spaces, you can try the Place Digitale, the Shadok or even the University’s Center for Digital Culture.

The city has also created the Culture Card for students, to give you access to the various cultural events and places in Strasbourg. There are many of them: you can attend the European Fantastic Film Festival, listen to music at 23 concert venues, visit the UNESCO-listed Grande-Île and visit places of the theater and puppetry.

Infographie : Faire ses études à Strasbourg

SOURCE: digiSchool