Visit to the Petite France and Strasbourg Cathedral in Strasbourg
5 July 2019

Cultural visit of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg as well as the historical and picturesque district “Petite France”.

Founded in 1015 on the remains of a former cathedral, Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is a catholic cathedral which will be raised from 1220 by the free city of Strasbourg, a rich merchant and financial republic, in the Gothic style.
It is since 1988 the seat of a clean archdiocese. It is today the second most visited cathedral in France, after Notre-Dame de Paris, eight and a half million tourists a year.
At 142.11 meters high, it was for a long time the tallest building in the world. Practically completed in 1365, it has the peculiarity of having seen the space between its two towers filled in 1388 and is recognized by its unique bell tower, surmounted by an arrow which was added to it in 1439.