Visit to the Tomi UNGERER museum with our students!
2 January 2024

Visit to the Tomi UNGERER museum with our students!

Tomi UNGERER, real name Jean-Thomas UNGERER (born 11/28/1931 in Strasbourg and died 02/9/2019 in Ireland) is an Alsatian painter, designer, illustrator and author.

He is considered one of the most brilliant designers of his generation. He began writing several children’s books in 1957 in New York. He also worked for the most famous newspapers in the same city (New York Times…). He published eighty children’s books in ten years.

Tomi UNGERER is especially famous for his works against the Vietnam War and racial segregation but also for his satirical and humorous drawings. He was an observer of the society in which he lived. He is committed against all dictatorships and all forms of injustice.

The museum created in his name has existed since 2007 in Strasbourg. There are more than 11,000 personal works as well as six thousand five hundred toys and games by the artist.