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Why study at the Stralang Institute? The reference school

Quality courses recognized training

The Stralang Institute is a Private Higher Education Institution, registered with the Rectorate of Strasbourg (Ministry of National Education) under number PP / HC 09-523. The French courses (French Language and Civilization) provided by the Stralang Institute have been recognized at higher education levels since 2012.
Founded in 2009, the Stralang institute is referenced as one of the best French as a foreign language school in France by professionals and students. We offer you all the benefits of 15 years of experience as well as an individualized approach.

Our educational commitments

Teachers of French mother graduates of a Master of French as a foreign language (FLE), Didactique des langues étrangères et secondes or Sciences of langage.
Courses aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).
A strong commitment to quality: our courses in French have obtained the FLE (French as a Foreign Language) Quality Label awarded by the French government (Ministries of Culture, Higher Education and Foreign Affairs) since 2014 and Qualiopi since 2020.

Our methodology

Our teaching is based on a communicative method based on the active participation of learners:
A placement test allows the pedagogical manager to analyze the needs of each student in order to guide him in the class corresponding to his level.
All our teachers create their tailor-made course materials in order to offer training tailored to the specific needs of their students.
In addition to the materials developed by the teachers, our courses are based on authentic documents (newspapers, magazines, songs, recorded conversations, films, and documentaries) and extracted from recent FLE textbooks.
Regularly, students have a homework assignment that is an integral part of learning. Corrected in a personalized way and returned the next day by the teacher, this work develops written skills. This continuous assessment is supplemented monthly by an examination relating to the previous month’s learning.
Particular attention is paid to the balance of learning with a view to the acquisition of oral and written skills (comprehension and expression), allowing them, in particular, to sit for the entrance tests of French universities.
French culture and civilization are not forgotten and are integrated into our courses. Visits to museums, neighborhoods, product tastings, culinary sessions, etc. are regularly offered in our courses and included in tuition fees.

The different language levels (CEFR)

The descriptions in this document will help you understand the different levels of the CEFR.

The graduation certificate

Each student who has attended at least one monthly session at the Stralang Institute can obtain a graduation certificate indicating their level in French. To do this, the student must take an end-of-session exam comprising a written test and an oral test.
An attendance certificate can be issued at any time of the year.

An official examination center
Stralang Institute is an official examination center recognized by the Ministry of National Education for the TCF TP and TCF IRN.

An internationally recognized French school
The Stralang Institute has the Qualité FLE label, Qualiopi, a member of Campus France, the Groupement FLE, and the Federation of French teachers.

Quality courses
Varied courses, adapted to your needsWhatever your reasons for learning French in France, Stralang Institute has the right course for you: whether it’s for fun and experience, to prepare for an exam or your studies, for your job, or to discover a region.

Small group lessons
At Stralang Institute, classes are held in small groups to promote optimal learning.
Each student is supported and can easily interact with the rest of the class.

Our French teachers
All the teachers at the Stralang Institute have a master’s in language teaching and extensive experience in the profession. They are at the heart of your experience and will know how to support you during your learning.

Free educational services are available to students.
Educational tutoring: every week you can benefit from the help of a teacher to ask him for advice, clarification, or work on your gaps!

Quality services
Our entire team is at your disposal to welcome you and take care of you. Whether it is for questions concerning the courses, the cultural program, or the administrative procedures, they are at your disposal!

The hosting service
Because your stay is an integral part of your experience, our team carefully selects your accommodation according to your budget and your needs.

Cultural activities
Our teachers accompany you on various activities and excursions in the region.