Alyssa, USA
10 June 2018

My name is Alyssa Vukcevich, and I am native  to the United States! I moved to France recently, and I had no previous experience studying the French language prior to my time at Stralang. I enrolled in the ‘intensive’ course for one term, shortly after my arrival. My studies have provided me a strong basis of understanding and basic conversation in French. 

To mention, I enjoyed the instructors and course structure very much! We had homework assignments that allowed for practice of the material and review prior to the next day’s class. My classmates were from many places around the world, which made our class discussion very enjoyable and interesting! 🙂

The ‘conversation’ additional hour, provided by the ‘intensive’ course structure, also helped apply what was learned in class, in a fun learning environment.
I enjoyed my first course experience at Stralang very much, and look to continue my studies with Stralang as well ! 🙂