Andrey, Russia
10 January 2017

Hi everybody !
My name is Andrew. When I arrived in France I knew only the French alphabet. In one year of learning the French language in the school STRALANG I passed the TCF (Test of Knowledge of the French) and entered the University of Strasbourg in the course of law. And thanks to the professionalism of the French teachers of the STRALANG school. In addition, the classes were always in good spirits, were very fun and interesting. We played games, we watched movies, we sang songs! It was really beautiful!
As for STRALANG itself, it offers many advantages: Free Wi-Fi Internet, small groups of pupils, each week there are free additional classes to train to speak French, weekly free cultural outings organized by the Teachers of Stralang. We visited the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the old wine cellars of Strasbourg. After each cultural outing we found ourselves in bars or cafes to chat about a dessert. I loved it! So if you are looking for a school to learn French I advise you to choose STRALANG, you will be very satisfied!