Arsenii, Russia
9 July 2020

In 2019/2020, I studied long-term, intensive French courses at the Stralang Institute. I think that this time will be one of my most vivid memories. Despite the fact that I had to make a lot of work, and sometimes it was not easy, the impressions of my studies are the most positive. The whole process – from the correspondence with the school administration to graduation, it was all highly organized. The communication with the administration and teachers was always very friendly, the staff helped in any situation and quickly resolved all issues.

The teaching methodology, the organization of the educational process, the qualifications, and the level of training of teachers are above all praise. During the academic year, I reached level B2 with almost zero French levels, and also successfully passed the TCF test at the University. Special thanks and warmest feelings to my teachers Bojana and Karine, as well as thanks to the director Ayhan TOK and all the staff. In addition to knowledge, they gave their students a lot: a friendly and creative atmosphere in a multinational team, informal, easy communication during excursions, joint “gatherings” in a park or cafe.

During the academic year, we learned a lot of new and useful information about the culture and art, mentality, the social and political structure of French society, and the outstanding personalities of the French stories. In the classroom, we discussed the most pressing and relevant issues of our time. I was also satisfied with the price-quality ratio of the course, and the final results were pleasantly impressing.

I recommend courses of the Stralang Institute to all prospective students. I wish the school itself further success and prosperity.