Bartosz, Poland
10 January 2019

Be a student after 20 years of break? It was a difficult decision but finally I said “YES”! I chose the STRALANG Institute in Strasbourg who offered me two weeks of French classes at the B1-B2 level.

At first I thought that 5 hours a day and 3 tutorials a week would exceed my possibilities. But already the first day at school proved to me that learning French could be interesting, dynamic and effective.

I worked in a group of 7 people who represented 5 nationalities. Our teacher Annie Dembele had great patience in explaining the details of grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. Working with colleagues has improved my language and conversation skills. We have discovered together the cultures, history and customs of our countries. It was a very informative and inspirational experience. I am sure that one day I will come back to Strasbourg to revisit Stralang and succeed at level C1.