Gokhan, Turkey
10 October 2017

My name is Gökhan. I moved to Strasbourg end of the december 2016. I inscripted at the Stralang for learning french language and i started learning french beginning of the january 2017. Before the Stralang i didn’t know any word of french but today thanks to that school, i am  a student at the management school. The atmosphere was incredible i was feeling really good. This amazing experience allowed me to learn french , they helped me to integrate myself in  France and especially to confidance in me.I even became a student-entrepreneur thanks to all of the support of Stralang.They never let me down when i needed them they were their. And when I visit them, they are always friendly as like as the first day and they do always their best to help/support me.
Thanks a lot to Stralang and Team of Stralang 
Gökhan Gurbuz, 2nd year student at The EM Strasbourg Business School