Meshari, Saudi Arabia
8 June 2018

Despite being able to write in French now (Thanks to Stralang !), I will write my opinion in English to help other students decide about joining this institution.

I joined this institution when my French language level was very basic (A1), they helped me a lot until I reached an intermediate advanced level.

1- The administration are close to students and willing to help whenever needed (with extra lessons for example or preparation to a specific exam).

2- Teachers are so nice, social, and obviously having long experience with international students because they even know what your mistake will be before your answer! (in my opinion, prof. Valérie is the best).

3- Huge variety of nationalities, there were 10 in my class, so wherever you came from, you will not feel lonely.

4- There are outside activities every once a while, that help you getting familiar with Strasbourg, and to change the atmosphere of school and learning.

5- They focus on knowing French culture specifically to ease your merge with the community (for people who plan to continue studying or working in France).

In summary, I didn’t have the chance to try another institution, but I’m satisfied with Stralang, and certainly will recommend it to a friend or a relative.