The Stralang Institute is a private higher education establishment declared to the Rectorate of the Academy of Strasbourg and a continuing vocational training organisation registered under number 4267 04301 67 with the prefect of the Grand-Est region. These “Internal Rules” are intended to clarify certain provisions that apply to all learners in the various courses and training courses organized by the Stralang Institute aim to make a regular operation of the courses and trainings offered possible.


   • The Stralang Institute is a private higher education institution.
• The Stralang Institute is a continuing vocational training organization.
• The people following the initial FLE training courses will be referred to hereinafter as “students”.
• The people following the FLE continuing education courses will be referred to hereinafter as “trainees”.
• The Director of Courses and Training at Stralang Institute will hereinafter be referred to as the “Director of the Private Higher Education Institution” as well as the “Head of the Continuing Vocational Training Organization”.


Article 1 :

In accordance with Articles L 6352-3 et seq. And R 6352-1 et seq. Of the French Labor Code, the purpose of these internal regulations is to define the general and permanent rules and to specify the health and safety regulations as well as the rules relating to the discipline, in particular the sanctions applicable to students and / or interns and their rights in the event of a sanction.


Article 2 : Data subjects

These regulations apply to all students and/or trainees registered for a session provided by the Stralang Institute for the duration of their training. Each student and/or trainee is considered to have accepted the terms of these rules during training provided by the Stralang Institute and agrees that action will be taken in his regard if the latter is observed.

Article 3 : Place of training

The trainings take place either on the premises of the Stralang Institute or in external premises. The provisions of these rules are applicable not only within the premises of the Stralang Institute, but also in any room or accessory space to the establishment.


Article 4 : General rules

Each student and / or trainee must ensure their personal safety and that of others by respecting the general and specific safety and hygiene instructions in force at the place of training. However, in accordance with article R. 6352-1 of the Labor Code, when the training takes place in a company or an establishment that already has internal regulations, the health and safety measures applicable to students and / or trainees are those of the latter Regulation.

Since the amended decree n ° 2020-860 of July 10 and the national protocol of August 31, 2020, hygiene and physical distancing measures are applied in our premises as well as the wearing of the compulsory mask for all employees and students and / or trainees. This is to avoid the risk of contagion from the Covid-19 virus.

Article 5 : Alcoholic beverages

Students and / or trainees are prohibited from entering or staying in the establishment while intoxicated and from carrying alcoholic beverages.

Article 6 :  No smoking and vaping

Pursuant to Decree No. 2006 – 1386 of November 15, 2006 setting the conditions for the application of the ban on smoking in places designated for collective use, it is prohibited to smoke and vape in the premises of the establishment.

Article 7 : Catering area

Access to the restaurant area is only permitted during the hours set by the establishment. It is forbidden, except special authorization given by the director of the establishment, to take meals in the rooms where the training takes place.

Article 8 : Fire instructions

In accordance with articles R. 4227-28 et seq. Of the French Labor Code, the fire instructions and in particular a map of the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits are displayed in the premises so that they are known to all students and / or trainees. Students and / or trainees are required to immediately carry out the evacuation order given by the training instructor or by an employee of the establishment. The instructions in force in the establishment, to be observed in the event of danger and especially fire, must be scrupulously observed.

Article 9 : Accident

Any accident or incident occurring during training must be immediately reported by the injured student and / or trainee or persons who witnessed the accident to the director of the establishment. In accordance with article R. 6342-3 of the French Labor Code, an accident occurring to students and / or trainees while they are at the training site is the subject of a declaration by the director of the establishment with the social security fund.


Article 10 : Dress and behavior

Students and / or trainees are invited to come to the training venue in decent attire and behave correctly towards anyone present in the establishment.

Article 11 : Schedules of training sessions

    Training times are set by the Stralang Institute and brought to the attention of students and / or trainees by notice. Students and / or interns are required to respect these timetables. The Stralang Institute reserves the right, within the limits imposed by the provisions in force, to modify the training schedules according to the needs of the service.

Students and / or trainees must comply with the changes made by the Stralang Institute to the training schedule. In the event of absence or delay in training, it is preferable for the student and / or trainee to notify the secretariat of the Stralang Institute on 03 88 31 48 38. In addition, an attendance sheet must be signed by the student and / or trainee at the start of each day of training.

Article 12 :  Access to the premises of the establishment

Entrances and exits. Students and / or interns have access to the institution at which they are registered. They are prohibited from bringing into the establishment an animal, even a very small size, to cause disorder and, in general, to hinder the smooth running of the training.

Article 13 : Use of equipment

Each student and / or trainee has the obligation to keep in good condition the equipment entrusted to him for his training. Students and / or trainees are required to use the material in accordance with its purpose. The use of the material for other purposes, including personal ones, is prohibited, except for the material made available for this purpose. At the end of the training, students and / or trainees are required to return all materials and documents in their possession belonging to the establishment, except educational documents distributed during the training.

Article 14 : Recordings

It is strictly forbidden, unless expressly waived, to record or film the course or training sessions.

Article 15 : Educational documentation

The educational documentation provided during course or training sessions is protected by copyright and may not be reused other than for strict personal use.

Article 16 : Responsibility of the organization in the event of theft or damage to personal property of students and / or trainees

The Stralang Institute declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal items of any kind left by students and / or trainees on the premises of the institute

Article 17 : Sanctions and disciplinary procedures

Any failure by the student and / or trainee to one of the provisions of these Internal Regulations may be the subject of a sanction or a disciplinary procedure governed by articles R 6352-3 to R 6532-8 of the code. of the work reproduced following Article R6352-3:

   Any measure, other than verbal observations, taken by the director of the establishment or his representative, at the following an act by the

   student and / or trainee considered by him to be at fault, whether this measure is likely to immediately affect or not the presence of the

   interested party in the training or to question the continuity of the training he receives. Fines or other financial penalties are prohibited.

Article R6352-4

  • No sanction may be imposed on the student and / or trainee without the latter having been informed in advance of the complaints against him.

Article R6352-5

– When the director of the establishment or his representative plans to take a sanction which has an impact, immediate or not, on the presence of a student and / or trainee in training, the procedure is as follows:

1° The director or his representative summons the student and / or trainee, indicating the purpose of this summons. This specifies the date, time and place of the interview. It is in writing and is sent by registered letter or delivered to the interested party against discharge;

2°  During the interview, the student and / or intern can be assisted by the person of their choice. The convocation mentioned in 1 mentions this option;

3°  The director or his representative indicates the reason for the envisaged sanction and collects the explanations from the student and / or intern.

Article R6352-6

  • The sanction cannot intervene less than one clear day nor more than fifteen days after the interview. It is the subject of a written and reasoned decision, notified to the student and / or trainee by registered letter or delivered against receipt.

Article R6352-7

  • When the act has made essential a precautionary measure of temporary exclusion with immediate effect, no definitive sanction relating to this act may be taken without the procedure provided for in article R. 6352-4 and, possibly, in Articles R. 6352-5 and R. 6352-6, has been observed.


Article 18 : Advertising

These rules are presented to each student and / or trainee before the training session. These rules are posted on the premises of the Stralang Institute.